Steve Hill Pastel Workshop

Steve Hill Pastel Tour Dates: September 18-27, 2018


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Artist Statement:

“There are places in this world where we all like to go to escape the awkward rhythm of our too-busy lives, to “play in the garden”. We may feel a strong urge to linger on a sun-drenched rock where water meanders or hike over pathways that wind through interesting terrain. We like to stand at the edges of fields, along coastal areas, visit beautiful ancient villages or just perch somewhere to contemplate how changing light makes everything look and feel sensual—without light, there is nothing left to define painting elements like color, shape or form. We like to return to a favorite room and lay our hands on familiar objects, read poetry, books, sink into meditation.

Cavtat Harbor, Croatia

If I could put my finger on why I paint, what I paint , where and how I paint, it is to simply search-out these special places and explore the emotional moments with all senses on high alert throughout the entire process of creating art.” – Steve Hill

Moorage on the Adriatic

About the Artist:

I have been an artist since the day I picked-up my first pencils and crayons, making marks on most surfaces. I won my first big award in the 4th grade with “First Place” in a city-wide art contest sponsored by the Red Cross in my hometown of Boise, Idaho. It was a drawing made from memory of the masked surgeons who had removed my tonsils years earlier – an experience which obviously made a lasting impression.

Day’s End, Lumbarda, Croatia


Making art was the beacon that allowed me to survive high school, college and the U.S. Army, where I became an illustrator, after the Vietnam era draft had sealed my immediate future. In 1972, I returned to university and earned an MFA in painting from Washington State University, studying with notable artists like Robert Helm, Gaylen Hansen and Robert Sterling, before moving to Lopez Island in the San Juan Islands of Washington State, to help set up a private art school.

Croatian Island port

The art school was before its time, but I sure took to island life, teaching art at Lopez High School, before starting my own successful graphic design business. Selling the businesses in the late 90’s to paint full-time has proven to be totally rewarding. I have won many art awards and some prestigious honors over the past decade. My passion is to find special places, both home and abroad, and explore those with every element of my psyche dialed into the joyous, expressive and interpretive language of painting on-site.

Croatian Harbor Repose

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Olympia Art League – Roxanna Caples

“On Thursday February 15, 2012 Olympia Art League’s members were mesmerized by artist Steven Hill as he painted a pastel of the Tuscany hillside.  Steven had an amazing knowledge of art history as well as being a master of pastel techniques.  Steve is one of those rare artists who can talk and paint at the same time.  He entertained our members with tales of his European workshops and interesting facts about pastel history while cranking out a lovely landscape.  Steven is a master at composition using value and color choices for atmospheric perspective.
Olympia Art League was delighted that Steven would come to the South Sound from his home in the San Juan Islands to share his knowledge and enthusiasm for art.  Our summer Paint-Out group was especially delighted to have such an award winning plein air artist to observe in action.
It will be a number of years before OAL members can match the quality of Steven’s work, but we did take home some very valuable advice.
His quote to us:  “You need to make about one thousand mistakes before you will get to be truly proficient, so just get started and have fun learning all the things you will carry with you on the journey.  The best way to learn art technique is by doing it over and over again.”

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*Painters have priority, but non-artist partners (shared accommodations only)
are welcome to come and enjoy the island a their own pace.

Steve Hill, Lynda Milina, acrylic, oil, pastel, pen, Watercolor, watercolour, watermedia, tour, workshop, holiday, painting, art, slikamilina, artist

Pricing (all in USD)

Tour Cost: $2700 + single supplement fee (most people will pay this if you are not travelling with a spouse/partner)
Non-painting partners: $2500
Single Supplement Fee: $200 (please read our General Conditions, Section 3)
Full payment due: July 16, 2018
Deposit to reserve your spot: $300 (non-refundable unless tour is cancelled by Slikamilina)


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