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Hi Lynda,
Just a few lines to thank you for the wonderful holiday you planned for us in Croatia. you got the mixture of history and painting absolutely ‘spot on’. The breakfasts were a wee bit early( bearing in mind I am out walking my dog before 7am at home.) But the accommodations you booked for us were spotlessly clean and in lovely locations. Our painting venues were great, and the sword dancing inside the castle walls was atmospheric. I loved it!
I couldn’t choose any of the restaurants over any of the others, we could not complain about any meal, all simple, nourishing, and well presented.( and with plenty of wine!!)
I never dreamed that Croatia could be so beautiful, certainly beats Spain and Italy, and everyone was so helpful and friendly, and most spoke fluent English. I felt so safe there, which is more than I can say about Barcelona!. I will return!
My close friend in England was 80 last week and I painted her a card copied from a photo I took in Dubrovnik, which she visited with her late husband a few years ago. It made her cry, and she is getting it framed!
Anyway, thank you again Lynda, you were wonderful, and good luck with your business in the future- you deserve it.
Love Ann

Really liked the tour – Food and accommodations excellent. Tour wonderful in Dubrovnik and Korcula town. Tour guide couldn’t  do enough for you and was intuitive and friendly. Over all I will remember Korcula with pleasure and really loved it. Croatia is really stunning! Lynda you are an excellent tour guide – everything worked well and thanks for finding instant coffee, that was beyond and above call of duty – Sandra

Lynda is a remarkably helpful, fun & organized guide. She deals with everything & you can relax. She finds all the best spots to see , great tours, & wonderful food & wine – Gail 

The staff is lovely, the accommodations are fine, food excellent. Lynda is great, friendly, open and a pleasure to be with. The Island is beautiful. – Jane

Enjoyed the whole experience, learned some more and appreciated Lynda’s care of us and her good company – Helen

We enjoyed the flexibility and appreciated your keeping track of the weather and adjusting accordingly. Some of the half day sessions were also good to add so that we had time to relax. Thanks to Lynda we discovered the loveliest places in Korcula to paint and explorer! Jeanne was a wonderful instructor and provided a great learning experience. All the people we encountered were delightful. Lynda is an articulate, upbeat and fun individual. She anticipated all of the needs of the group, is helpful and energetic . We have been on many similar tours – she is the best! – Grant and Mary Jane

As an instructor, I found Lynda a dream to work with. She handled every student’s question and concern with ease and grace, and our tour ran without a hitch. I could just arrived and concentrate on teaching and enjoy the beauty of this country and help my students do the same. Thanks so much! – Jeanne Rosier Smith

The smell of learning and continuous conversation about art was beyond expectation. Each participant contributed unique perspective and facility. I love the way we enjoyed the natural beauty and sightseeing together. Lynda was ever alert and accommodating, & a compassionate nurse when I was rudely taken with the flu.  The light, the Adriatic Sea, the mountains in the distance not to mention the 101 steps –  this was the best about the tour. I would strongly recommend inviting more artists and participants to enjoy this extraordinary experience – Judith

What was the best about the tour?
1. starting from scratch, the learning was immense.
2. seeing other peoples work was invigorating.
3. tourists seeing us working on site was unique.
4. the sheer friendliness of the local people.
5. every night we were dead tired and the next morning seeking more – Siddharth and Pippi

Lynda, you make the difference. Everything was great and you always went the extra mile. Thank you – Sue

“Love it! I like the balance of travel, painting, learning about painting, learning about culture, experiencing the culture, some walking, being able to swim in the glorious water.  From the moment I met you at the airport, Lynda, the “vibes” were great and the tone of the holiday was set just to my liking… fun, positive, organized, easy laugh, interesting, easy going! Thank you!”  – Gwen

“I thought the tour was pretty fabulous overall.  Lynda was delightful and welcoming. The price was very reasonable. The country is gorgeous and interesting. The Croatians seem like very lovely and hospitable. Steve was great and we had a very nice group of people. Lucky us!”  -Sandra

“Scenery was outstanding. Lynda was excellent from beginning to end – always cheerful. Tour of Korcula by Andrea Tedeschi (please inquire for contact information) was very good.  Visit to Seba Dizajn Jewellery store was excellent.  Favorite dinner at Domizana.”  – Margot

“Steve, Judy and Lynda, you make a great team.  We all got along – laughed, painted and toured. Thank you, All, that helped make our trip enjoyable!” – Pinky and Butch

“This was a wonderful experience for me – I really appreciate the incredible organization and help with meeting my special dietary needs!  Thank you so much! Love the joyfulness and friendliness exuded daily by Lynda!!! Steve’s skills as a teacher are wonderful.”  – Anne

“Really, really like Lynda’s overall organization and information.  All of the folks we were in contact with were quite considerate, all accommodations were quite good and we felt safe in all areas. A very good country and all the tourist aspects make it a great place to visit, see and experience.” – James

“Lynda and Slikamilina staff are all fantastic.  Lynda is very informed and informative.  Her open, generous, kind, good nature, influences the overall mood of the tour in a very favorable way.  Susan and Howard are a great combo as teachers.”  – Karen

“1st tour of this kind and I’m going to hold all later tour/travelling to the standard.  Lynda, you were always at hand for questions, needs, laughs and had a schedule that was fun, shopping, painting all rolled together. Your company is top notch and I will be telling everyone.  I also hope to put a blurb in my local Watercolor Society! Loved Susan and Howard before and more now. Instruction guidance and confidence building at its best!” – Stephanie.

“Location and onsite instruction were great! The locations were wonderful and it was great to have both instructors around all day.  I really appreciated the kitchen facilities, porch and good food.  The cook Silvana, was wonderful.  Lynda did a terrific job accommodating our needs. Dennis’ fishing trip was wonderful! He really enjoyed it! and he caught something too!” – Eleanor and Dennis

“I had a wonderful time. Lynda has done an amazing job. Well organized, beautiful landscape to paint, wine tasting tours, and all with the smile… she is friendly, pleasant, helpful and more. ”  – Anne-Marie

“Lynda – Thank you for the warm island welcome. It was nice to think some of your extended family was responsible for our wonderful accommodations.  You are well-suited to this business.  Your genuine care and attendance to each student was noticed and appreciated. Well done!
Silvana and Renci – Wonderful accommodations. The rooms are well appointed, comfortable, very clean and inviting.  Your cooking is marvelous, Silvana… it felt like we were gifted to authentic Croatian cuisine, as well as you accommodating several with food allergies. Your hard work was much appreciated.
Howard and Susan- My 2nd workshop with you and it was wonderful. Your teaching and knowledge skills are enviable.  As a first time plein air painter, I garnished much useful information that will be valuable as I progress… SIMPLIFY… in & out, short poem… look for values.  All great! Thank you for your efforts to include multiple levels of ability, personalities and mediums, into a successful, memorable 9 days!” – Lisa

“Lynda, you do a fabulous job.  I loved your attention to every detail and your concern for comfort and happiness for each guest. We all loved your joyful spirit. I will recommend your tours to all I come in contact with.” – Elaine

“I absolutely loved working for you and with you as one of your instructors! Thanks for all your hard work and expertise!” –  Susan Blackwood and Howard Friedland

“I am still just enchanted with Croatia and I marvel at how beautifully you orchestrated our painting tour.  You included so much: the wine tour, filigree demo and jewelry visit, the historical sword dance, the 101 steps church, the beautiful island visits to Vrnik and Badija, the thrilling visits to Korcula, and that wonderful day at Racisce when we got word that my luggage was found!  You managed all the crazy personalities with such grace. Thank you, thank you.
Sylvana and her family are dear. She is a talented chef and a sweet nurturer.  I loved every minute of our trip. The cappuccino rest stop with stunning view on our last day, the excellent tour of Dubrovnik, the 2 hr. lunch and the fabulous finale dinner on the water in Cavtat were just over the top” – Sherry

“LYNDA,  Thanks so much for a wonderful trip to Croatia. I really enjoyed myself and the other members of the group. I liked the  housing on the island of Korcula. I don’t often get a small apartment with kitchen to myself. The food cooked by the house manager was great. Oh! those desserts!  We went to some delightful towns with great opportunities for painting. You are a great organizer and everything went off well. Thanks again” – Joan

“Lynda is a gift. She is fair, stays focused, does not get involved with the small stuff.  She will do well in anything she does.  I am very happy to know you.” – Bev

“Lynda! So accessible, friendly, helpful & fun! Tom Francesconi was so good! Also accessible and helpful and fun!! Korcula is an amazing well-kept secret. Our locations were superb!  I loved all of the Croatians that I met.  They are friendly, genuine people.  I WILL return! The tour “new friends” were all terrific! We will stay in touch. Lynda, thank you for documenting our trip for us” – Jean

“The places we visited were wonderful from all views –  great organization from all family – Lynda and teacher” – Dee

“Lynda is a very good tour leader, enthusiastic, capable, informative.  She goes above and beyond to look after everyone’s needs” – Chris

Clients of a cancelled tour –

“Dear Lynda,
We wish to let you know how much we enjoyed our time in Dubrovnik, Korcula Island and Cavtat. The people were wonderful;  Silvana and Renci were most helpful and kind and Silvana’s meals most delightful and plentiful. The weather was good , except for 2 days when it rained and was a bit cold, but we brought warm clothing. I felt a little bored when it rained, however we made use of the time resting as we had been on the go each day. We did go to some of the other villages by taxi.
We decided to spend an extra day in Cavtat, otherwise we would have had to get up early 2 days in a row to catch the bus ferry and then the flight. It was an extra day well spent as we were able to really explore Cavtat having arrived at 9.45a.m. after the bus trip. Mihaela and her associate Ida were very kind.  On the whole we managed to do quite a few paintings and sketches and the best were of Lumbarda and Korcula old town.
Also we have had some lovely meals in restaurants and bought some gorgeous hand made jewellery and embroidery ! All from people recommended to us who made the items themselves, which made the purchases more meaningful.
We thank you so much for putting us on to your contacts and are sorry that we did not meet you.
If ever you come to Australia please let us know.
Best regards,

“Dear Lynda, Thank you very much for doing this wonderful book of our trip!!!! I love it! Although I took almost 400 photos it’s not the same as having this lovely book!! I must say this is the best organized trip I have ever been on!! You did a fabulous job of making sure that everything was always perfect. We really did have the best drivers, vehicles, food and fabulous scenes to paint!!! I would not change a thing! I would do the trip again for sure!! Thank you for everything…especially for showing us your beautiful country!!! love,Cynthia”

“Hi Lynda – Thanks again for the splendid organization of our Croatia painting tour–everything “just clicked” and we had a terrific experience to a large part due to your skills at organizing, your first-rate local contacts, your knowledge of Croatia and Croatian, and especially your cheerful approach to everything. I certainly appreciate the personal attention we all got from you, the way you facilitated even the most personal needs of each of us (not just the long hike you undertook with Preston!!), the way we just had to mention that we’d like to go to Split and you instantly had everything figured out–from Tommi’s taxi to the catamaran schedules from Vela Luka! I can’t imagine a better organized tour! – Gitta”

“Lynda – YOUR EFFORTS ON OUR KORCULA ADVENTURE WERE SUPERB. I’m sooo happy I was able to join. NOW I have ordered your book and I’m thrilled to have it. Thank you, Lynda! I sincerely hope I will be joining your tour again!!!– Georgia”

“Everything was wonderful! Willamarie is truly a wonderful teacher and I felt I was really able to learn from her as she had good time for everyone. Thank you Lynda for all you did to make us happy and comfortable. You’ve chosen nice accommodations, run by the best of people. I had so looked forward to this trip and was not disappointed. – Gene”

“The Dubrovnik and Cavtat areas were more then I’d hoped for. The island of Korcula was the icing on the cake and the art teacher and tour guide were quite simply…. THE BEST! – Judy”

“Croatia is so beautiful! I enjoyed our daily excursions to different areas on the island and ofcourse Willamarie is an excellent instructor. I am already planning on coming back next year with friends and family! Lynda was so intuitive with each of our needs. I was impressed that she took the time to show me where I could go for a great run. – Cynthia”

“I loved the morning lessons at breakfast with Willamarie and the individual instruction. The sites were all so beautiful. The food was so special – Silvana and her staff were wonderful! Korcula was such a magical place full of amazing beauty and history. It is like no place on Earth. Everything about the tour was exceptional. Lynda is so organized and helpful – She is a delight. Thank you again. – Michele”

“Flexibility and friendliness of all. Being able to paint daily either on site or on the deck. Great instructor definitely a super asset. And location – being able to walk places and explore nearby. Scenery and small towns contribute to uniqueness of tour. Loved the whole experience! – Marcy”

“Having had a class with Karlyn, I knew this would be a great learning experience; I was not disappointed. Lynda, you were fabulous! Your knowledge of Croatia and willingness to share it made this more than a “tour”. Thank you. – Geri”

“Our art instructor is the best ever. Lynda was extremely accommodating. She was able to cater to each persons wants and needs with her wonderful smile and pleasant demeanour. The island of Korcula is beautiful with all the red roofed villages, grape arbours, picking grapes, the gorgeous seas – just so peaceful and picturesque. Get the word out about this tour – its one of the best! – Eleanor”

“Loved being in small towns with older buildings, interacting with communities, getting a good feel for the people and the country. Overall it was an enjoyable trip. Lynda’s knowledge of the area and flexibility was a great advantage for a tour like this.”

“The thing I liked best about the tour was Lynda, Lovric Pension and the Location – Paula Swain”

“Overall it was a wonderful experience. Really enjoyed getting to know the island and feeling it welcomed us. Loved the wine tour! – Lisa”

“Lynda was great. Getting to go the local artists and winery made it more personal and helped to support the true locals – Gail”

“Very good painting instruction and critiques. Moving from locale to locale was well organized and ran smoothly. I appreciated the fact that everything ran on time so we didnít spend time milling around waiting.”

“What was best about this tour was friends, painting and good food. Wine tour was a highlight!. – Judy”

“Enjoyed the beauty of Korcula, and Croatia in general. This location is excellent and was far above my expectations! I was very impressed with the wonderful trips by taxi or boat. Thanks to tour organizer Lynda!”

“What was best about this tour was Korcula town, other viallages from a painting and touristic view point. Sylvana’s cooking!’

“Croatia is possibly the perfect location for a painting holiday – it is stunningly beautiful, the climate is gorgeous and the locals are tolerant. Plus there are not major distraction to take you away from the painting. This may be different in the major cities such as Zagreb so sticking to smaller towns is probably the thing that works best. – Tania”

“Lynda is great!!! Love her! The other ladies were great. Thank you for all your hard work. Slyvana is a genius! Very fun overall.”

“First of all I want to thank you from both of us for the very excellent art tour that you gave us. We both feel that it was a great experience and a very good value for the money. The scheduling was excellent, and you did a great job of getting all of the logistics together. The timing was also good, in that I think the shoulder seasons both before and after the busy summer peak are best for those of us who prefer less crowded and peaceful settings for doing our art. – Karen and Rodman”

“Best part of the tour: Willa’s instruction, comraderie, beauty of Croatia/Korcula, Sylvana and company, sweet Lynda – ofcourse! Thank you Lynda for all your effort to make us happy and comfortable. Your are perfect for your job – gracious – lovely and fun. – Pamela”

“Since we got back, everyone on the trip continues talking about what a great experience it was to anyone who will listen! Korcula is a magical place to inspire painters: the light, the seas, the flowers and the beautiful little towns were ideal for painters at all levels. The accommodations were equally beautiful; clean and new with private baths and wonderful food each night. The organization was flawless and included all transportation, several special dinners and clear ideas for things we could do in our off time. Not that anyone wanted to do much more than paint! Of course, an afternoon swim each day in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic was always welcome. A trip to a local winery and two wonderfully informative tours of Korcula and later Dubrovnik were special treats that just made a great trip even better. I would not change a thing and I am already planning a return trip. – Cindy”

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