“My mum’s tomato sauce”

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I found this lovely website that has so many Croatian recipes, and amoungst other countries, pilule and I thought I would share this vegetarian tomato sause recipe, as really there are few vegetarian dishes in this country… they love their meat! My mum’s tomato sauce OR Mamin sug od pomidora SOURCE: Mum’s recipe PREPARATION TIME: 5 – 10 min COOKING TIME: 30 – 40 min CUISINE: Croatian SERVES: 4 – 6 . INGREDIENTS Vegetable or olive oil 2 – 3 onions, finely chopped 2 large carrots, grated 2 yellow or red peppers, chopped 1 kg tomatoes, chopped 1/2 bulb of garlic Fresh Parsley, chopped...

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Wine Making: A Family Matter

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Lumbarda has a population of about 1400.  If all the vines grown in Lumbarda were divided across every man, woman and child, each person would have 107 vines to look after.  Thats quite a bit of wine for such a small place. We have seven wine producers in Lumbarda who make wine on a professional level,  what is  lesser known is that many more households in Lumbarda make wine for their own needs and occasionally for selling… and whether you are professional or not, the whole process is a family matter. If you have never made wine then you may not be aware that there is always something...

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Bosnian Speciality

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I love food 🙂  Especially food that is well made and let me tell you, here in Lumbarda, they do food well! The following recipe, however, is not Croatian, but Bosnian. It is called Pita… now some of you, I ‘m sure, are picturing pita bread… this is nothing like pita bread. This Bosnian dish, which I have to say is one of my favourites, is a pin wheel pastry, filled with meat (burek), cheese(sir), or spinach(zelena).  I was pleasantly surprised when Edina made a mushroom(gljiva) version…so I thought I would share the recipe with you. Ingredients: Pastry- 2 cups plain flour 200...

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Holy Hot Batman!

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Ok so it has been really hot here in Lumbarda, Korcula, Croatia, 35 to 40 degrees.  I arrived July 26th and it has been sunny and hot ever since, which after 3 months of rain in England, I should really be happy about but here is the thing…. My apartment does not have air-conditioning… nor does my car…. and well I am not going to an office so no AC there either. It has never occurred to me that with all the air conditioning in my life, that my body has always had the opportunity to cool down.  Now with no AC, I find this heat exhausting! My sister is laughing at me as usually she is the one...

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Noodle, the superstar – Travelling with a cat Part II

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My cat is a superstar! If you recall I took my cat, Noodle, to England.  I had no idea how she travelled as she was in the underbelly of the plane and I only saw her at the end, wide eyed and terrified.  So on Wednesday, when I had to travel from England to Croatia, I was not sure what I was in store for, as she would be travelling with me in the cabin.  As you can probably gather from the title, Noodle was a rockstar. My friend Mike was visiting from Calgary and we had rented a car for our travels from the week before.  With all the luggage we had plus the cat, it made sense to take the car...

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20 Random thoughts….

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I travelled to Dublin and London over the last week and thought I would jot down some random thoughts and experiences I had while there.  Hope you get a giggle from some of  them and please add your own comments below. 1. Wear comfortable shoes 2. If you nap on the subway, be sure you are with someone that can wake you up. 3. Smile, people will always become more friendly. 4. When in England, carry an umbrella, it will always rain. 5. Dinner and a theatre show for £45 will always have you sitting behind a post. 6. Do not question a man walking over London Bridge in his boxer shorts, I am...

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