WordPress? Love it or leave it?

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For the last week, I have been revamping my website and I am happy to say it is finally complete and I am very pleased with the new look.
However, I had to learn to use WordPress.  For those of you that don’t know, it is a site that makes it easy for you to design you own site. It gives you templates to choose from, you can add plugins like the one that make your site mobile friendly, you can upload all you favourite photos, etc.
I had been adverse to changing to WordPress because my first experience with it years ago, was very negative.  I tried it and was so frustrated, I went straight to weebly.com, at the recommendation of Tim Ferriss, author of “The 4-hour Workweek“.  Weebly was easy and so user friendly.  The site I did then, did not need a lot so maybe that is why I thought it was so easy?
For the last year, two PR friends of mine have been telling me I need to go to WordPress… and wouldn’t you know it, my domain host had WordPress as part of their options.  So I  gave in, and started to work on my NEW website.  Johanna (PR friend #1) offered to start it for me and soon I was adding pages, making columns, adding pictures, organizing menus… it was all coming together.
Was it easy? No.  I do believe that you have to have help or some web design knowledge. I have been managing my own websites for years, and in the process have learned some HTML code…which in some instances was the only way I was able to have the WordPress page look how I wanted it to look.
Am I glad that I learned WordPress?  Yes.  Once you start working with it, as with everything, it becomes easier, and WordPress really does offer a lot of options.
So I guess, in the end I have to concede that I love it.  If you remember my old site, then take a minute to visit the new one and let me know what you think?

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