5 Top Tips from our Students

  • Arrive 3 days early! If you are coming from N. America and are over 60, jetlag will catch up with you right in the middle of your trip. Cavtat is an awesome place, so no need to worry that you have never been there before.
  • Be prepared for stairs and walking.  Their general condition mentions the level of fitness that is required but come on, who ever reads the general conditions?  Believe them. Cavtat, Dubrovnik, Korcula and Lumbarda are all about hills and stairs.
  • There are mosquitoes. Bring spray or whatever you regularly use. Rooms and apartments here do not always have screens.
  • Motion Sickness. Even if you only suffer slightly in a car,  you will definitely suffer here.  The roads are all curvy, with high mountains and long drops.  Bring whatever works for you… better safe then sorry.
  • Painting gear on wheels.  If you are wondering whether you can roll your gear here, you can. I brought a backpack and regretted it the whole trip.
  • Bring an umbrella.  Not for the rain!  Although we were able to find shade, I found it was not always where I wanted to be. If I had brought my umbrella I could have painted anywhere.
  • Take time to visit the links page.  When I arrived I had no idea how beautiful Croatia was… however I later found out if I had taken the time to check out the links page and the gallery I would have seen wonderful photos of our painting locations.

We are working our way up to TOP 10,

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5 tips from Students